12x8 print

A few weeks ago I began collaborating on a piece with Cara Chaney, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in the Embedded Behavioral Health program at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital.

This image is called “Unlocking the Stigma” which is described by Cara below...

“This piece of art depicts much of what a therapist sees when a Soldier first walks into our behavioral health clinic. We see the ruck sack of hurt. We see the wounds of depression, anxiety and PTSD that come with active duty service. Unpacking the burden of trauma or disappointment is key to a Soldier’s survival in and out of uniform.
The stigma of mental health in the military is an ongoing battle for both the Soldier and the therapist. Around 30% of our troops coming back from deployment will struggle with a mental health issue. According to one study by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) found that 75% of people never receive treatment.
Never believe the lie that you are “weak” for seeking help. Making the connection to mental health professionals, other soldiers and veterans in the community are all keys to unlocking the chains of burden.
Each soldier often holds the key to making that connection again and taking that first step into treatment.”

Unlocking the stigma