As churches and large group gatherings move to an online platform using LIVE videos, I wanted to provide a resource to help expand and deepen those worship experiences.  I have developed a few simple videos for you to purchase and *use during these online gatherings. Purchased videos will be emailed to you by Maggie Reckers Art using Google Drive and may be used for one week of online service presentations. 

Note: Videos do not contain audio. 


*The video will be available for creative use only, such as inserting into online services and/or editing to be played throughout vocals/worship. All video rights are owned by Maggie Reckers and the video must NOT be edited in any way EXCEPT to insert sound and to cut/splice video to fit within time restraints. Color, brightness, order and any other adjustments are prohibited. For questions please contact Maggie Reckers Art at

Resurrection (VIDEO)

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