About the artist

Maggie Reckers started her career as a live-art "performer" that began by happenstance in 2011, and from those opportunities, Maggie has shared her art all over the country in front of thousands of people. When Maggie isn’t sharing her live paintings, she enjoys working in her quiet studio on a much smaller scale with watercolors or oil paints.

She was born and raised in West Alexandria, Ohio, and attended Sinclair Community College where she majored in Fine Arts. Her artistic inspiration comes from the feelings and emotions she receives when experiencing the boldness and gentleness of nature. The outdoors is, and always will be, her preferred space for creating. It's where she feels the closest to God, the ultimate creator. 

Art That Gives

Since 2011, every year during the month of

January, which is Human Trafficking Awareness month, Maggie donates a

series of paintings to help raise support and awareness of this issue.

Proceeds go towards organizations like Stripped Love out of Anderson, 

Indiana, OneHeart Dayton in Dayton, Ohio, and Hope Restored India.

All organizations that are on the front-lines of

liberating women around the world from sexual slavery. Please click on

their links to learn more.

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