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About the Artist

Maggie Reckers started her art career as a live-art "performance painter" that began by happenstance in 2011, and from those opportunities, Maggie has shared her art all over the country in front of thousands of people. She now spends most of her time in her home studio focusing on bodies of work that can be viewed in galleries and available to purchase. In addition, she is learning the balance between "artist" and  "stay at home mom"  with her daughter, Ruby. 


"I'm quickly learning that both Mom and Artist take a considerable amount of creativity and ingenuity, which  has been a fun challenge and a joy to experience." -Maggie

She was born and raised in West Alexandria, Ohio, and attended Sinclair Community College where she majored in Fine Arts. Most of Maggie’s artistic inspiration comes from moments she experiences in the outdoors, which is why you’ll always see her hiking with a watercolor sketchbook safely tucked away “just in case.”


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